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Ngày gia nhập: 09/06/10
Giới tính:
Đến từ: Vietnam
Trạng thái:
Bài viết: 23
Tiền: 46$
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Ngày gửi: 28/08/10 lúc 18:03 | IP Logged Trích dẫn NguyenVanLuc


On the occasion of biggest commemoration for the one thounsand years age The Dragon files straight up old name of the capital city HA NOI of country VIET NAM. Excuse me , there is not politics.

I as permission dissemination widely and far this new event once time, before I come back ashes and dust.

Report respectfully to the Leaderships of all the countries and frist and foremost mathematics international court,  the newpaper and the magazines, all the people to have connection with the Education, scientists, pedagogues, the intellectuals the mathematicans, all students and all Everyone’s all over today the world’s loving a truth of the circle.

Last time, I brought new Events of all “new formulas male and female” to prove in the circle and all Event to have connection with inscribed in all Native circle by the compasess to the INTERNET to all everybody’s over the world to verify and to test the number 3.1416000336 and many new series of the new formulas. What’s it right or wrong? What’s it suitable with 360° degree? (in letter formerly at adress vinanet.dk) How can many the men to have a connection with education be so ignore with this logical series wholesome formulas   ? I’m unable believe as that . 

In the past, my brain be fall into a snare of permanent of the mathematics in all Native circle. By I borrow the numbers of the world’s Reconginize to prove in the circle. In the approach chart of . I had unintentional to advertise for all producers the electronic to have many numerals.,

Yesterday I have been completed duty return a heartiness debt to all everyone’s all over the world and all the pupils today and of thousands and thousands next year. But Regret that: to have many the people ‘s not know there are the importance letter’s not frontier of one the quiet Vietnamese in the occasion of biggest commemortion of the one thousand years age of the dragon files straight up, was present public before whole the world all very special of formulas male and female. They are always for your one unique result if you use two formulas at the same time, all they had been in the Approach chart of the letter’s not frontier formerly. Yesterday, my brain’s returned to the mathematics garden of youth and living evermore in that.

This Event, the world’s unable not recognize or ignore all this new immortal formulas. Nobody can crack one’s knuckles they by there is an open and straightforward ation my life. I had to lost very many time to find out all they. ,Therefore I’m very worthy to make Servants of all the pupil’s all over the world and very worthy to agree Royalties of all the  countries all over the world. If I’m not agree Royalties, that’s I be appropriate brazenly my thought.

If anyone’s in the world’s refuse this number 3.1416000336 to prove in the circle.

I be wail one’s karma in the four-line poem by Vietnamese Alphabet under here.

Trẻ con ngày nay khôn hơn tớ

Vỡ lòng chưa học đã học chơi

Bởi thế hôm nay ta biết tớ

Công thức chưa cạn đã khóc đời.

There is a common pride of the Vietnamese race”.

By all Events in the letter ‘s not frontier formely. I have been building in foundation of Vietnamese script and many numerals of the world to the world know to many VN script.

Report respectfully: to all Leaderships of all the countries. And all the teachers, mathematican, scientists, intellectuals , students and all Everybody all over today the world.

At nearly middles of century 20. The Uncle Ho Chi Minh and many Recluse’s  launch a propaganda and raise high the spirit of movement study the Vietnamese roman  Alphabet’s very succeed and very beauty at North of Viet Nam.

Today, I’m very worried and afraid about the wholesome tradition of Vietnamese script be buried at foreign countries within the sphere scope of generation second or third….…and in the country  be make mistakes in spelling to tell very right but  to made mistake ……

Therefore today I decided Autograph book to leave all new formulas to prove in all the circle by my find out all they. For all the posterity of ourselves by that: they will future the owner of our country. For that reason I were and being voluntary to make servants of posterity of your to pass all the formulas in letter in the past.

I were initiated a wide and far to struggle movement to dethrone the number 3.1415926535 it is dupe many generations in the past and ever ourselves and first and foremost to give first aid for one hundred per-cent the native circle be distort true of the result. My brain be put into everlasting prison in the circle to clarify a truth of the circle.

Now, I be reveal recrets of the circle and be commit sin intentional dethron number 3.1415926535. By, I have been deep prejudice against with it.

From time I’m a schoolboy of CHU HAI primary school by the result of its drag out a number to terminal not the end (the circle be need to borrow one number to termination) in this Event  I  found very suceessful new formula by my eyes.

Therefore, today I decide to bring all new formulas my found out all they before the whole the world’s to seek a consensus of all Everyones all over the world . All this new formulas male and female  of mine. For history today mathematics and tomorrow of the world’s judge all they. Now, look at me always behave like a dull-head. By  “all spirit propesty of mine to made one’s coutribution for the world to develop all the pupil’s mental power of the world”.

In this year, my smallest daughter will being begins study at FPT University indistrict 12 of Ho Chi Minh City. The money school fees of one terms 1100 dolar. Not including money to private life. Althought my smallest daughter had competitived examination agriculture and silviculture branch in the lately. (I be lose strength by a traffic accident)

Therefore, I’m very need agree Royalty from many countries to settle in my family and first and foremost vivorously support of magnanimity and all everyone’s for all the new formulas male and female of this new factor. I gave a name its “double love mathematics” by all they are origin  from “number one” and by all the results of them are same.

I’m not brag in this new factor because: “THERE ARE AN INTERNATIONAL OBLIGATION” and “There are common property culture of all the countries all over the world”. Discovery by an unavoidable Mathematician my name’s LUC nguyen.van

In the approach chart  of new series formulas of one’s Revolution of new mathematics. It’s new factor of all events to have connection with inscribed triangles in all the circles. I wrote that: “I place this event under internetional control to pass my formulas”.

Special, I place common interests for all the pupils of the world above personal interests.

Therefore, I brought all the heart and my brain into this INTERNET to make servants of all the pupils all over the world. By the Vietnamese Roman Alphabets and numerals of the world’s “efficient Notary” for me find out an immutable truth.That ‘s immortal formulas male and female. The formulas “double love mathematics” a perfect work of art and an unusual of new mathematics .

Special, all they aren’t dupe anybody’s . if to use they to prove find out any the result of all Events inscribed in the circle. I definitely affirm as that, because I have confidence in the world will be not ignore the wrong of the number 3.1415926535.

Please, don’t make damage to honour of the Vietnamese script.

Two this letter ‘s not frontier’s an immontal joy and a word very lucky for all the pupils all over the world of this century 21.

Because, if I be die by one in three traffic accident at years 2003, 2007 and 2009. All this new formulas not have in this black and white, all they were follow me come back zero of the void. That is word lucky for everybodys today to see and witness all they are very right and to see all the wrong of number 3.1415926535. I were unmask the shortcoming of it and expose in the letter’s not frontier in the past. Therefore the time to toll the knell of number 3.1415926535 has come.

Today the century 21, I decided to bring this Event to express before the whole the world to pass….. one Special Event of formulas male and female very unusual pre-eminence hitherto unheard-of. It’s to make myself start when to find out it from “number one”. At some date, I shall go to come back everlasting of the nether world. But I have confidence in my immortal dream never die. Therefore, my brain ‘s self-willed in exile everlasting life in the Vietnamese Roman Alphabet and the many numeral of the world, to the world to pass by tradition from one generation to another.

All this formulas “double love mathematics” will being on behalf me to guide all the pupil’s to find out result.

Yesterday I brought many joy to all the pupils have an inquiring mind of the world.

I had to borrow of the world all more than 720 the numerals “of number one” to form all new formulas in the letter’s formerly. Today, I decide return add some tens the number one at the end of this letter’s not frontier second.

Excuse me, I’m not be good a learning more than anyones. But there are preordained love from past life by the infinite love unusual OF THE GOD AND MARIA MOTHER for me return human life to carry out one’s special mathematics monument this useful for all the pupils all over the world.

Two this letter’s not frontier’s a letter expressing one’s determination to do bring fame to the Vietnamese Roman Alphabet in the international school.

By the Uncle Ho Chi Minh to told that: “The future all grandchilds to have catch up with all the countries all over the world, that ‘s depend all labour study of all grandchilds from today”. Nobody can change this an evident truth “of number one”.

To have some the men to told with me that: “A prophet isn’t without honour save in his own country”. I as permission to send to thanks from bottom of one’s heart to them. I’m very need to help thoughtful from them. That’s dissemination widely and far all new formulas all this planet and to help me to report this Event to Mathematics Organ Of International or UNESCO. Because I’m extremely sorry, I’m not find out the address them. I would sincerety gratitude appreciate this events and assitance from your.

Because I’m not holy. But, I’m a Vietnamese an unavoidable mathematican

Despide the fact that: “to bring the bell to knock at other people’s countryto serve and to make loyal subject all the pupils all over the world. To the world know to the VN culture

All numerals my be Autograph book in all the Approach chart’s brocade bag of last resonts guide to all results of every degree of every detail inscribed in all Native circles of your or anyone’s wants to find out all the result of inscribed triangle.

Special, all formulas “double love mahematics’ in letter’s not frontier formerly be always ready enthusiasm to help anyone’s wants to find out results…… when to use them and all they never refuse for you’re an unique the result. But it’s not wrong and the not distort a fact of the circle . They always counteous and maderation with all everybody’s needs they help.

By all the formulas male and female’s the nucleus of a cell of unique result.

Excuse me, at the middle the result of formulas male and female to have some formulas be error of the result. But it ‘s not worth mentioning.


There are main events outside the scope of judge of my country . Therefore, I brought all this new event into INTERNET to present before whole the world to search all they. And to everyone’s will a judge try in a just and enlightened way, impartiality.

Report respectfully: to all Leaderships of all countries, the schoolmasters, the intellectuals, the scientists, mathematicans , students in and out country and all everyone’s all over today the world’s loving a truth of the circle and impartility.

In the past, I look at this a pitiful situation and unlucky of the circle and all the inscribed triangles. I fround out to succeed the numeral very correspond to the fact of the circle. That’s number 3.1416000336. It was full define of mathematics law. That’s full ten numeral decimal number. I denfinitely affirm that: all the numbers my discovery they. It’s number of Alpha and Omega of the circle. That’s primitive number and terminal number of all the circle. All the formulas in letters formerly for all everyone’s loving a truth of the circle.

Therefore, always the same. I’m not to bow to power of authority of persons defend the number 3.1415926535. Because 3.1415926535 is anonnymous number. It can take out from pyramid.

Nowaday‘s not the drawn of humanking, the number 3.1415926535 is a complex number. It’s unable to bring into the formulas to prove to find out the results of the circle. Symbol to prove of it all the more big number of the circle. The result of the circle all the more and all the more be diminution. That’s all the more be distort the result of the AREA. “These shortcomings should not have been made to today”. (it’s not actual evidence).

By reason above. I brought all this Applied Elementary Mathematics Events and many new immortal formulas with all heart and mind to present one Thesis before the whole the world. Towards the number 3.1415926535.

Rather once: to make one’s mathematics reaction to this new fartor development and first and foremost: to give first aid one fact of the circle and many inscribed events more than to the number 3.1415926535 to be continued to distort a truth of volume of the Area of the circle and dupe the result all the pupils today the world and many next generation.

If today the world’s refuse “this mother and new child doing well formula”. That’s a word unlucky for all the future Masters of every country (if today the world’s not use it).

I ask permission to leave all this new formulas for all the pupils of next century (that’s century 22 and 23…). It’s not late, because the Vietnamese script and numeral of the world’s endless field and, I ask permission to put one question under here: What’s the reason for refusing my wholesome formula for all the pupil’s all over today the world ?

But I had to confidence in the justice of the world’s not absent always at home. And the justive will come be reach perfection of the circle to pass my new formulas. To comprise one in two operation division or multiply of  elementary mathematics.

At nearly date all our will witness the collapse on a world of number 3.1415926535 by the justice of the world’s unable not recognize the formulas my very right.

Yesterday, I were realized one’s full aspriations in the Approach  chart by strove to fullfil one’s duty of the God and Maria Mother was gave a heavy responsibility to me. I’m supplied many formulas be enoght for all the pupil’s pratice period in a school (it’s not sufficiency and not be short of formulas) it was sufficiency of all inscribed Events.

Please ,don’t lack of responsibility to test and control all new formulas in letter’s not frontier formerly. Thank you very much to stringent control from your.

All this events of the Vietnamese Roman Alphabet have bring fame in the international school or not all depend “on visorously support of the Vietnamese race, all the teachers, all the intellectuals, the mathematican, scientists, in country and out country and frist and foremost all Nationals all over the world’s loving a truth and impartiality”.

By I don’t want to waste in exile my brains in Vietnamese script and numeral of the world in all event of the circle. With unique the mark to make a loyal subject of all the pupils forever of the world.

Welcome to sense of responsibility redress a wrong from your and all everyone’s all over the world. Because there’s not a struggle to competion any position or social status for myself. But it’s a struggle to claim the right to right for an Evident truth of the circle by 360° of the compasses .

***Excuse me, THERE ARE NEW EVENTS OF CENTURY 21. All this new series formulas. All the doctor of mathematics formely. They are unlucky and not study formulas this applied elementary mathematics inscribed in the circle from time schoolboys them.

Althought all recognized the numbers of the world had been long since.

Yesterday, I’m carried out the many series formulas to have an immortal value to cross time and the space of the circle.

After this Event, I brought all this new series immortal formulas into INTERNET to report before whole the world. I’m notthing to lose all. But if the Vietnamese Script and numeral of the world be lose all. Then my brains notthing left to existence. That’s my brain be always follow in all the ERAS future of the world.

Therefore, there are highly valuable documents for all everybody’s all over today the world to test and control all new series formulas. For all the pupil’s of the world.

There is common main cultural heritage of the world, was discovery by me.

Excuse me, before finish writing this letter. I ask permission to write one the poem by Vietnamese Roman Alphabet, to entitled’s “loyal subject”. I did metaphor all inmist feelings my life in that.

Excuse me, to all the foreigner I’m unable translate literally all the poems from Vietnamese into English. Please, to help me translate literally into english for all the foreigners.

Thank you very much.


These is the loyal subject poem

Bày tôi lưu óc trong đây

Sơ đồ lộ trình giúp người nay mai

Ai người trung nghĩa tình này

Bày tôi lưu bút gửi người ngàn sau

Đồng bào chung nghĩa tình đây

Thẳng góc đồng tâm chung nghĩa hai chìa

Giống đực giống cái tỏ bày

Chung nghĩa vơi đầy đây này ai hay

Nội tiếp bật mí nơi đây

Thấy rồi ắt thấy “bày tôi yêu người”

Khen ai khéo mở trang này

Tiết diện đối diện ai nói rằng sai

Bày tôi nào dám tính sai

Khen ai mở tiếp trang này ngày nay

Sơ đồ lộ trình không sai

Bày tôi xin trả lại người ngày nay

Bày tôi lưu bút lại đây

Mở ra là biết tình người bày tôi

Đây, chìa khoá xin trao lại        (người)

Mở ra mới biết “bày tôi trung thành”.



There ’s not a rubbish-heap of this century 21. But it can dregs of person be lost basis of Elementary mathematics and person’s burn book or person’s fanatic with the number 3.1415926535 to dupe people.

Respectful, good bye, see you again my brain in the circle from your.

And final, at next page. I ask pemission to supplemen 90 numeral of the number one I had borrow of the world to form one the approach chart. Excuse me, I’m not explain to clear as the approach chart of the letter’s not frontier formely .

The mark for all the everyone loving a truth discovery the service of it .

Excuse me, this approach chart have some special case, look at by eyes. It’s absurd. But on principle it’s very right of the result. There ‘s not series formulas at last of the approach chart.

To pay attention: this approach chart needs help from one the approach chart another to find out the result at last of inscribed triangle .

Excuse me, to all the foreigner a thousand pardons by mistakes of mine. If you want to find .out the letter’s not frontier formerly, to test and research the approach chart of inscribed triangle events .

Please, to visit at address  “vinanet.dk” to find in farm owner and look at the Vietnamese Roman Alphabet to have caption that’s Thư không biên giới  in that to have the English. Because I wrote bilingual. (Excuse me, I wrote many mistake grammar)

Or to find it in  search page to have entitled by Vietnamese script’s Thư không biên giới . It will show oneself before your eyes . 

Attribution of white paper and the pen:

- The white paper‘s  moan out one’s grief and to tolk that: the white paper’s very hope to embellish intellect and draw a picture for life’s to gaze with veneration and astimation.

- The pen’s confidence and to tolk that: since double us have an affair with together. I left learning for life’s not see it. I’m proportional to one’s offence. But I’m only loving the well-behaved of pure soul your. Let be life.

Summarize the contents of two this letter’s not frontier: happiness best my life’s brough all everybody’s loving a truth all over the world to near more than together.and  to increase the number of  friends  and  decrease  that  of  foes . final , I’m the man had everlasting  spirit will supplementary one series approach chart of and some formulas in nearly time next .

My adress 284 K II TO 8 CHU HAI, TAN HAI, TAN THANH,  BARIA VUNG TAU, South VIETNAM. Telephone:   0643820111

Finally, I ask permission the End to pass this Six-eight-word distich metre poem by Vietnamese Roman Alphabet under here:

Cảm ơn người nhận thư này

Mộng này thao thức gửi người ngày nay

Giấc mộng đói khát thân côi

Trong đây đàm thoại gợi người ngày mai

Chữ tiếng nay thật của người

Việt Nam chữ tiếng nghĩa người tình đây

Đàm thoại trong mắt tình người

Nghĩa đây đôi mắt người đời muôn nơi

Cảm ơn người nhận thư này

Nhìn thấy đã nhận lưu người tương lai





From Chu Hai, Viet Nam, date: 8/15/2010




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Ngày gia nhập: 09/06/10
Giới tính:
Đến từ: Vietnam
Trạng thái:
Bài viết: 23
Tiền: 46$
Địa chỉ e-mail: Gửi mail
Yahoo! IM: Không cho biết
Sinh nhật: Không cho biết
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Ngày gửi: 28/08/10 lúc 18:36 | IP Logged Trích dẫn NguyenVanLuc


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