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Ngày gia nhập: 09/06/10
Giới tính:
Đến từ: Vietnam
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Bài viết: 23
Tiền: 46$
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Ngày gửi: 09/11/10 lúc 12:31 | IP Logged Trích dẫn NguyenVanLuc

To special supplement: of letter second  

From Chu Hai, Vietnam, date 02 month 10 year 2010

To correct error formulas and very clear explaination for two letter’s not frontier in the past.

Report repectful to all Leaderships of all countries all over today the World, And the UNESCO all Scientists, Educators, Mathematicians, dortor of Mathematics, the Teachers and all everybodys loving a truth of the circle. There is the main very burning problem for the World’s to censorship.

I’m definitely affirm that: I’m nothing left to lose. Because my brain was kept into prison everlasting in all Events of the circle. By I borrowed series trigonometric function (round function) of the world’s recognize it. I’m expanded into form many new series immortal formulas male and female. Hitherto unheard of it. It’s servieable for all the Pupil’s of this Century and furure (all to have in the letter’s not frontier first and second). Nobody can refuse this an immortal Thesis of applied Elementary mathematics. For all the Pupil’s strong point of it .It’s not anti scientfic

When to carried out scientific reseach very careful all they.

Today I’m returning all numbers of round function of the World at this End to supplement in approach chart very the pre-eminent and unusual of new series formulas male and female.

In special case “when my brain being go out the circle to demonstrate all the triangles tangent with the circle to have circumference = 31.416000336. But, at last all they were kept into pirson permanent my brain in circumference of the circle other, to have circumference = 36.2760725017018cm . “ Because my brain’s the result of all detail in and out the circle.”

 In all the approach chart of wholesome formulas in the past. I’m used fundamental numbers  under here, to find all immortal formulas, that’s number 31.416000336 and number 78.54000084 it’s number Area of the circle and number of trigonometric function, it’s not formulas.

Please, pay attention to the above-said question, to scientific research the circle from your or to inspect my demonstration. Today, I’m giving to all the Pupil’s all over the World the fishing-rods. But never give the fishes. In here:I’m not talk nonsence or Abuse literary ability with anyone

Excuse me! A thousand paradons at bottom at heart me to all everyone’s reading and to inspect this problem. Because I did intentional to wrote some series formulas the very right but it’s not actual evidence in many differential circle. The mark of mine’s to try to know the readers feelings and to have many react to come me. But, I’m extremely sorry show no reactions in this problem. I’m not know why is that? !! Maybe there is a question no hear, no know and not see. It’s very regret, towards the men to have a connection with Education of Vietnamese in particularly and the world generality speacking was ignore this event. It’s unluky for all the Pupil’s of today the World . By at here I’m not overstate the importance of this new factor. It’s a reality of the circle. I’m not sad at heart. Because I’m voluntary to carry one’s brain to make servants of all the Pupil’s all over the world. And even the offspring of Historic enemy. By my brain’s neutralization in the mathematics of the circle. Therefore, The unavoidable Mathematican ask permission correct  some series at page 2 and 3 in letter first to more than accurate the result (at the End of this supplement).

Because all this new series of new formula’s promise point common culture of today the World and some thousand next years.  This event’s not paranormal of applied mathematics today.

By there is a spirit valuable gift of one the quiet Vietnamese be lose very many time to discovery all they to biggest commemonration one thousand years age of dragon flies straight up.

There are main event to unite with all everyone’s loving evidence truth of every detail of the circle To increase the number of friends and to decrease that of foes. Because, There is a genuine faith in the future for all the Pupil’s all over the World and forever of thousands next year ago .

After this explaination, nobodys can againist my demonstration because all they were very right from 99.999999% to 100%  the shortcoming  of it’s not worth mentioning.

If it’s a wrong, I never proclaim all they. To commit sin hurt to honour of Vietnamese Script.

Under here: to explain very clear and to deduce to know clearly all my demonstration in all approach chart wholesome formulas to have many series formulas, hitherto to unheard of it.

Today, I’m presentation public opinion before whole the World in two letter’s not frontier .

I brought out all the various aspects of the inscribed problem in the circle to pass many this new series immortal formulas, all they can‘t worn and unable out date to follow time

Symbolic example: For  all ladies and gentlement open easily the Approach chart .In here :

To fin out circumference of isosceles triangle tangent (with radius  = 5cm of circumference circle = 31.416000336 ) at angle 60° degree and to deduce the results of Hexagon and Trapezium too, tangent with circle.

Please, to apply formula male or female under here (as one wishes from your)

To find out the side of isosceles tangent with the circle.

formula male: 5cm of  Radius ¸ 0.866025403784439 (the number of the World’s recognition)

formula female: 5cm x 1.15470053837925 (the number  my discovery it’s progressive number of climax of tangent ….) all they were Enthusiasm for us one unique result = 5.77350269189625 .

At here: I ask permission to use the number of formula female my brain’s discovery it.

To demonstrate in this tangent problem. ( of the circumference circle’s 31.41600336 )

To generalize: the number 5.77350269189625 it’s too of radius of the circle.

* To find out circumference of isosceles tangent 60° of radius of the circle

       5.77350269189625 x 3 = 17.3205080756887 cm

* To find out the Area of the Isosceles tangent with radius of the circle

       5.77350269189625 x 2.5 = 14.4337567297406 cm2

* To find out the circumference of Hexagon tangent with the circle

       5.77350269189625 x 6 = 34.6410161513775 cm

* And to find out the Area of Hexagon tangent with the circle

       14.4337567297406 x 6 = 86.6025403784439 cm2

Concluded that: if you want to find out the Area of the Trapezium tangent with half the circle.

Please, to use number the area of Hexagon tangent 86.6025403784439¸2=43.3012701892219

Or to find out the circumference of Trapezium tangent with  the diameter of half the circle .

Please to use circumference of Hexagon to divisible with number two and addition with the diameter.

To find out the circle to all the figures above be come back inscribed circumference of the circle other. We can use: 5.77350269189625 x 2 x 3.1416ooo336 = 36.2760725017018 cm.

Special pay attention to this number 1.15470053837925 This number’s of climax of tangent….

Itseft and numerals of the World’s not give my brain go out the circle to pass all demonstation and explaination clearly above. It’s not a shred of evidence for suspecting my prove is a wrong.

The children’s to look at this demonstation also understand, let alone grown-up.

If problem above, it’s to prove find out result of Area right-triangle tangent the diameter of circle. Let’s use the Area of the isosceles tangent to multiply with number two=28.8675134594812

To generalize: the right triangle inscribed or tangent to have more than four the height.

 Among of series my formulas prerented public before whole The World. To have from 6 to 7 series immortal formulas. That’s series find out height. Series find out side of isoseles, series find out circumference isosceles inscribed Radius of circle, series find out circumference round way of triangle inscribed diameter of the circle, and series find out circumference right-triangle inscribed diameter of the circle and some series at last of this supplement. All they are filled to the Pupil’s pratice periods in a School (to find out every Area of every detail inscribed triangle in the circle.)

I ask permission to boil down to all the series, it’s very right but, It’s not actual evidence in many different circle as, all serie formulas to take the Area of the circle to find out the result. It’s only the right in sphere Ten the circle, in other word. It has value from 1 to 10 the circle.

Final: I were fulfill duty from the God and Maria Mother’s entrusted for me one social status to make Servants of all the Pupil’s all ove  The World I’m dissemination widely  this event. To the World’s develop all the Pupil’s mental power generally speaking and to bring into play of the Vietnamese race traditional fondness of learning in particularly.There is an ornament to one’s Vietnamese script .It’s quite unexpected,my brain’s eternaled in the circle by number of the World

I borrowed one document of The World. But today. I return manyfold  new series wholesome formulas for all the Pupil’s all over The World, not discriminate Religions or any ethnic group.

I ask pemission finish writing at here. And The unavoidable Mathematican ask permission to consign my brains in the vietnamese script and in numerals of the World some thousand next years

Please to inspect and very severe research all this new series wholesome formulas in two letter’s not fontier and in this supplement at next pages. By :This is a burning problem of the World

Please, to counsel me about my shortcoming. If to have shortcoming.

Thank you very much to wholesomehearted counsels from your. Goodbye.

See you again my brain in the circle from your. To pass all this new series formulas in here :

If the World’s not recognize this problem, that’s a word to feet great anguish for Vietnamese script . but, I believe that : the World’s not cruel , heartless like that .because : All events in here :

I’m not want to bring all this new factor of series formulas go out today The World. When I come back ashes and duct. Althought that: I born mistake century. But, There is a genuine faith in the future of some thousand next years ago. By there is the light of truth of thousands next years…..

Please, don’t appropriate brazenly or ignore it. Because, there is a Spirit property me for all the Pupil’s all over today the World.By It’s a point promise common cultunal Heritage of the World .I’m new discovery all they.   Therefore, I place common interest above personnal interest.

I shall be distressed when I see the fruits of me own labours born be appropriated brazenly by be short fair and honest Era. I’m unable disrimination good and bad in my country . To pass all formulas “double love mathematics” I’m commited sin to reveal secrets of all the circle

Final:Yesterday and today. I brought many immortal joy to all the Pupil’s all over The World. There is the main my problem to bring fame to the Vietnamese Script in International school 

To pass all this problem of new series immortal formulas. My brain’s never adieu The World .     

If after that. My discovery add new series formulas. I shall be supply supplement next time.

                                            The Unavoidable Mathematician. Respectiful good bye .

                                                               To research Union for all the Pupils…….

                      Open Letter of to Thanks word

    To express hearflt thanks from the bottom of one’s heart me ,to The Owner of INTERNET  VINA  NET .DK To help me to dissemination widely .This general knowledge wholesome of Applied Elementary mathematics of the circle .To all the Vietnamese’s living in all over The World and the Whole The World .One new Factor of problem in all the Approach Chart wholesome of “double love Mathematics”Formulas in problem Insribed and Tangent with the circle

   Of the Quiet Vietnamese’s never to have Adieus The World.Discoveried all they .For all the Pupil’s all over the World There is a metempsychosis my life’s to realized in all the formulas “Double Love Mathematics “Today I’m carried to perform before the whole The World.

   To biggest comemoration of 1000 years age of the Dragon flies straight up .

  And too,I never forget to express one’s Gratitude to all everyone’s to readed and to reseach this new Factor to better and better. For all Pupil’s all over The World.By all They are Offspring of Ourselves.

   I ask permission to send Word : Thank you very much to more than 3480 double eyes of  The Peoples to visited  and  Vigorously Support for me  and Encouraged to many the Men to together to careful research this new event’s very Burning Question of the World of this Century 21. By, There is a common problem of Today the World

  Excuse me . I’m not to be on time, to Rectify shortcoming series Formulas at The Letter’s not Fontier second .I shall be complement it and some new formulas In next time. For your to research all they .


                                MR.  Luc Respectful good bye to research Union next pages .


Nguyễn Văn Lục.   Chu Hải - Việt Nam.   nguyensauluc@gmail.com   Trang Toán: Nguyễn Văn Lục
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Ngày gia nhập: 09/06/10
Giới tính:
Đến từ: Vietnam
Trạng thái:
Bài viết: 23
Tiền: 46$
Địa chỉ e-mail: Gửi mail
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Ngày gửi: 09/11/10 lúc 12:55 | IP Logged Trích dẫn NguyenVanLuc

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