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Tiêu đề Chủ đề: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 & The Appeal to whole the Worlds’ respect an Evident truth result of primary arithmetics problems That’s a new Factor... - Nguyễn Văn Lục Trả lời bài viếtGửi bài viết mới
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Ngày gia nhập: 05/11/06
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The Appeal to whole the Worlds’ respect an Evident truth result of primary arithmetics  problems That’s a new Factor To develop all the Pupils mental power of the World

Above is an Appeal of person’s waiting VISA a passport of the  Reaper to go to ashes and dust by one’s cause of a dangerous Oesophagus Cancer.

Report respectfuly to all Leaderships of all Countries all over the World and all the Peoples to have a connection with Education and all everyone’s loving an Evident truth result of 89 Primary Arithmetics problems of 89 different Ellipses.

Today ,myself-willed a initiate a wide and sleep movement a year of Evident truth of arithmetics problems of 89 Ellipses.


In the past more than two last year age.i open wide to reveal to whole the World in question of the Circle and the Ellipses in OCCASION BIGGEST COMMEMORATION ONE THOUSAND YEAR AGE OF THE DRAGON FLIES STRAIGHT UP OF CAPITAL CITY HA-NOI.

Please, don’t Anaethesia and lack of sense of responsibility in this im portant truth question. By I be lost many time to reveal this Evident truth of 89 the Ellipses

Today, I’m not want to carry this wide knowledge of 89 primary arithmetics porblems to come back Ashes and Dust.

Regret that: Today the world’s so many show favorit to Materialization’s to ran after profits of money more than spirit of this demonstration.

Therefore, I’m very sad my heart. The country Viet-Nam and The World. To have so many Doctor of Mathematics and many Scientists. I don’t known . they were intentional ignored this immortal question or they didn’t known this address to research an Evident truth of serie 89 wholesome formulas of primary arithmetics problems of 89 the Ellipses.

All this series of 89 wholesome formulas in here. It’s as clear as Crystal.

There is no reason why today the World and Vietnamese Race had not Doctor of Mathematics, Scientists, Teachers have full knowledge standard to research and to test all series of this 89 Primary arithmetics Ellipses Problem .

They have all 89 inscribed Isosceles triangle inside89 Ellipses problems. The quiet Vietnamese’s discoveried all them and place unger international control. To correct shortcoming if it be shortcoming.

There is no reason why this immortal demonstration of preson being cause of a dangerous oesophagus cancer’s loving all pupils over the world. “ To become metal’s vacant cultural estate!” because today, all everybody’s loving false and dupe more than love an Evident truth of series 89 whole some formulas of primary arthimetics Ellipse problems.

Today I’m nothing left to lose this series formulas of demontrations in this internet VINANET.DK

Therefore, I decidef to carry all true result of formulas of 89 different Ellipses. To reveal all them before public opinion of the world “A referendum with all whole race in all over the world”.

To the ideology Vietnamese roman Alphabet living upper opinion of the world in this new factor and, to my brain be worthy’s not adieo the world because all thought time more than 2010 last year age in the past, it’s no body can proved an ellipse by primary arothmetics problems by all ourself of each us at childhood’s unlucky to study to demontrate one the Ellipse.

Excuse me, to whole today the world and future by my computure was shortcoming inside memory of a computure (that it be overloaded in all operation) but it’s not dupe my eyes. When I see all results in compputure question of all 89 inscribed isosceles triangle and tangent of problems of 89 different Ellipses and cirle, it was enthusiasmed vigorously support my new ideology. I expound to public the world to pass double formulas male and female. The result of it’s resemble another.

Best special my wholesome formula’s unable to take distort number 3.199999 it’s number 3.2

This is a knowledge friceless streasure by it’s unheard of in this the world.

This is a common Event of the world to develop all the pupil’s mental power of the world. The world’s unable ignore series wholesome formulas. I examined thoroughly all results genuis of all 89 primary arithmetics problems of 89 different Ellipses “ to make a Servant of all the pupils over the world”

All Event of this general knowledge: I carried in this internet it’s a common cultural propesty of the world because it had half-open in brain of Louis king fourth from more than 1056 last year age in the past but it’s unlucky existence by dishonest courtier.

In this problems, the Misanthrope and person’s anaethesia be lost basic primary mathematic and person book burn will vehement against and disparage this my thesis is an important Event of century 21 problem.

This is a liberated Revolution of a truth for the circle and the sector and all inscribed Tangent question. All they be oppressed and persecution by the complex number 3.1415926535...

My engrossed very carefully in all 89 different Arithemetics problem research of 89 different Ellipses and to came of bright well. In this event I found the origin circumference result of each degree of each Ellipse. Now all the Ellipses not hard problems to pass my series formulas in here. Therefore, excuse me I’m unable to bring down the seriese of 89 wholesome formulas of ADN if i down up it. That’s myself-willed veto against question my demontration  of 89 different formulas of 89 Ellipese before public opinion of the world.

To ADN question of problem’s rich more than I ask permission to supplementary series 89 wholesome formulas to define clearly more than question of Evident truth circumference result of 89 primary arithmetic problems. To your compare the original with ADN result.

I definitely affirm that: this is a biggest property my life. I were franked and open-hearted in all 89 this arithemetics problems in this internet.

I were fulfiled one duty of the God and Maria mother gave this responsibility and pre-determination for me to have rebrith to made one Vietnameses to demontration this event. To make first witness of witness for Evident truth of series 89 different formulas of 89 Ellipses and my distribution for wide “this good news” to all everyone’s and all the pupils all over the world.

All this event the grow-up very need know to research. By all ourself at childhood’s unlucky to study them to pass this primary arithmetics problems of 89 Ellipses definitely that: “The Vietnamese Roma Alphabet’s never ashamed to all race all over the world in this question”

“ I have confidence in this it not a vacant literalture estate.” By the pre-eminence of all wholesome formulas the right side and wrong side’s alike results.

I’m satirfactory commited disclose all file recrets of the circle and 89 Ellipses to pass many series wholesome formulas of the primary arithmetics problems.

I’m not disappointed in this prove question if it be the world’s resused it or disparaged this new factor. This is a deep feeling of gratitude of the god was pre-detemonation for me. I as permission to hand over to whole the world all this series formulas my discoveried and proved all them.

Please to visit the mathematics garden of youth and search all Event in that. My brain being put into prison in that .

Before your research this question to find out result of area of the ellipses. Please to see two example under there.

Example 1: The circumference 60 degree of the Ellipses =25.651056780815 to have angle 60 degree inscribed of isosceles trangle in that let’s use area 60 degree angle of isosceles trangle =14.4337567297406 to multiply with number 1/10 of circumference ellipses =2.5651056780815 =37.0241113525496 it’s area result of ellipses have 60 degree.

Example 2: circumference 1 degree of ellipses =22.2101595988996 to have angle 1 degree inscribed of isosceles triangle in that. Let’s use area 1 degree angle of isosceles triangle =0.21817697875015 to multiply with number 1/10 circumference 1 degree of the ellipses s that’s number 2,22101595988996 It’s Area result of 1 degree the Ellipse.

From today and forever and forever afterwards: To use ever degree of 1/10 Origin Circumference of each different Ellipse. To find out Area result of Ellipse.

That’s my propose.

To diminish the dupe and crafty in education afterwards, anyone’s not know to prove all the Ellipses then, they are not a perfect man by this is a primary arthmetics problems.

The preson’s announce good news and distributed far and wide this New Factor of an immortal prove to all everyone’s over the world’s Mr Lục Nguyen Van.

Chu-Hai south Viet-Nam January 6, 2013

 Nguyen Van Luc


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Nhóm thông tin

Ngày gia nhập: 05/11/06
Giới tính:
Trạng thái:
Bài viết: 505
Tiền: 1020$
Địa chỉ e-mail: Gửi mail
Yahoo! IM: Không cho biết
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Ngày gửi: 07/03/13 lúc 07:13 | IP Logged Trích dẫn vninfo

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